Samvidhan Live

Samvidhan Live

People’s Movement for Safeguarding Constitutional Rights

Samvidhan Live is a collective of Activists, Feminists, Artists, Designers, Journalists, Teachers and Students with interests in People’s Movements and the Constitution. Our collective engagement was initially facilitated by the citizenship rights movement during the pre-COVID period and throughout the COVID waves. This group is run voluntarily with contributions from like-minded people.


At a time when mainstream media fails to represent and reflect people’s voices, it becomes imperative for free, independent and alternative media collectives to take up the responsibility of bringing voices from the ground to the fore. Samvidhan Live is an independent media collective that aspires for an equitable and just world for all – a world free of discrimination, violence and exploitation; where every individual has the space to attain his or her highest potential and live a life of dignity. The Constitution of India has provisions that help navigate us in this direction. However, We, the People of India are witness to an era when the Constitution itself is under continued assault highlighting the deepening chasm between the State and its people.  Unconstitutional decision-making, aided by neo-liberal policies and divisive fascist party-politics have damaged the country’s economy. Policy makers refuse to consult civil society over matters that concern national interests like citizenship.

Our Work:

Samvidhan Live strives to be the voice of the voiceless by putting a beacon the existing gaps in policy making and communication with the people. Samvidhan Live is a virtual-physical space for reflection, analysis and dialogue that has potential to be channelized into collective action. The site is a dynamic news portal as well covering news and views about people’s movements, locally and globally.


The contributing team is a mix of Development Communication Journalists and Barefoot Reporters who have an interest in analytical ground reporting. This includes senior and emerging activists from People’s Movements. For example, Nighat who is a grassroots facilitator of girls/women’s groups, enjoys working with the camera, reporting from the ground, on behalf of urban poor communities in old city of Bhopal.


The Samvidhan Live Team works in sync with other efforts in the country to protect Constitutional Rights in physical and virtual spaces. 

Key Features:

  • A voluntary network documenting people’s movements in the country.
  • Run and facilitated by a network of volunteer experts across the country.
  • Interactive, dynamic portal with live updates of people’s movements across the country.
  • Profiles of activists facilitating democratic, secular people’s movements in the country.
  • Profiles of people’s movements across the country including their processes and plans.
  • Decentralized, participatory process of engaging with web audiences and network partners.
  • A distinguished Editorial and Advisory Board to guide the technical content.
  • Supported by contributions from people and network partners.

 Your Role:

  • If you are a person associated with a People’s Movement and wish to bring your work on the Samvidhaan Live portal, do get in touch with us along with a brief note about your work especially the vision/goals of your movement, region of work, community that you work with, key processes taken up so far, challenges faced, achievements, and plans. Please feel free to add as many details as possible. Kindly add photographs, videos, and other resources documenting your work. We are especially interested in voices from the community members along with the key leaderships in the movement. You can mail this to [email protected]. For any support in this regard, do call us at 9425014874 (Seema) or 7869128784 (Sachin)
  • Samvidhaan Live is a 24×7 process that is being currently set up with voluntary time and resource contributions from the group members. The initial expenses and content have been generated through group support. However, we require funds to support administrative, technical, content, and outreach processes of the network throughout the year. We welcome small contributions from a range of people in order to engage with as many partners in the process.
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