Design & Development

The Design & Development section works on evolving a range of communication resources to support existing programs of organizations, networks and groups. Key communication resources include posters, banners, info-lets, info-packs, publications for children & adults, facilitator’s notebooks, manuals among others.

This Poster is part of the series of posters developed for the One Billion Rising Campaign in India, as a collaboration between Eka and SANGAT. Lines are by Kamla Bhasin and illustration, layout & design by Sajana Jayaraj.


Poster developed for the One Bilion Rising Campaign in India, in collaboration with SANGAT and OBR International.
An illustration from the Facilitator’s Notebook developed by Eka – The Communicators’ Collective. Titled, “Girls in Urban Spaces” the notebook is a dateless planner, notebook and an incomplete story-book weaving together stories of 13 adolescent girls in different urban contexts. Users can work on the blank pages in the notebook to record their own stories / illustrations and complete the notebook.
Year Planner developed by Eka – The Communicators’ Collective
Developed a set of 5 Publications for UNICEF Maharashtra – 2 books for children, 3 for adult duty-bearers on the concept and practice of “Child Friendly Panchayats”