Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Unit at Eka is anchored by a team with interests in facilitating participatory learning processes with groups and communities, on a range of diverse issues including Rights, Participation, Communication, Access to Justice, Youth Engagement, Community Media, Documentation, Organization Development  and Gender. This team attempts to:

  • Demonstrate the possibilities of the “Participatory Communication & Action” (PCA) approach.
  • Strengthen communication systems within organizations and groups
  • Provide capacity building support to grassroots organizations working with communities
  • Develop modules for facilitating PCA processes with a range of groups on various issues.
  • Develop tools for conducting participatory needs assessment with organization teams
  • Develop tools and methods customized to meet organization learning needs.


Some of our key processes include:

  • Azaad Bol group – A 5-week certificate course in Community Media & Journalism for ground reporters, launched following the COVID first wave. A total of 16 students successfully completed the course and contributed stories to the Samvidhan Live website.
  • Access to Justice – A 3-day residential workshop to enable sharing of knowledge and skills with groups working around A2J issues. This is part of a series of learning programs initiated by Eka to understand the basic rights attached to self and further moving towards core A2J concepts including Social Justice, Law, Community Based Legal Aid Mechanism, Constitutional provisions, Rights of the marginalized, Vulnerability, Oppression and Affirmative action for claiming rights. The workshop provided an overview of the justice mechanism system in India, as also an in-depth knowledge about basic rights promoting equal access to justices, mode of realization of such rights, remedies for its infringements and other related issues. The workshop was primarily a gathering of para-legal workers, lawyers, counsellors, researchers, activists and civil society groups working intensively with communities across geographical locations and in various institutionalized settings including the police, judiciary, legal aid cells and institutions.
  • Developing a cascade module in three phases, on Media & Communication with key actors in the area of Agriculture in MP, with Vikas Samvad.
  • Two day residential training of Field Animators for the Water Resources Department in Rajgarh, Mohanpura project on Communication
  • Two day documentation workshop with the organization team of Samman, Bhopal on writing effective case studies and reports.
  • One day workshop with NIWCYD, Bhopal organization team on Gender Mainstreaming
  • Workshops with Youth groups on Articulation, Communication, Gender and Constitution as a part of the Access to Justice Series
  • Workshop on the steps towards Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice with organization teams in Bhopal
  • 3-day residential workshop on understanding the “Community based Legal Aid Mechanism”
  • Men & Masculinities – a two day workshop facilitated by Anand Pawar from Samyak adopted a consultative process with conversations around three key areas:
    • Exploring concepts – Gender Justice, Feminism, Masculinities, Gender Fluidity
    • Sharing of experiences – individual, organizational and cross country experiences of working on masculinities
    • Possibilities of integrating learnings in existing initiatives or taking up new interventions